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From the smooth welds to the beautifully shaped tubes, every detail of this road bike frame has been carefully considered to deliver an exceptional riding experience.
2023-07-23 19:49:02
Agrega un nivel de versatilidad a mis paseos.
2023-07-18 15:40:09
It's sturdy, reliable, and makes maintenance tasks a breeze
2023-07-12 13:15:17
I appreciate the attention to detail in the design of this road bike's quick-release system.
2023-07-10 14:55:57
The sleek design and aerodynamic features of this frame make it a standout option for those seeking speed and performance.
2023-06-27 15:10:30
This carbon fiber road frame is very well manufactured
2023-04-27 15:20:30


The bike frame arrived in perfect condition. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks very good.
2022-08-11 05:32:49
The frame was well packaged. Took about 3 weeks to arrive to Czech Republic.Pros:The frame is very good. Rear triangle and BB area are very stiff and strong. Yet the frame is very comfortable even on broken roads. Feels tough. Good for road bike packing. On 54 I could fit 28c tire to the rear and 25c to the front. I don't see any reason why we shouldn't fit 28c. Just make the fork couple mms longer. Could be modded with resin filler.Cons:You're gonna need a round file to build this frame. Holes for brake nuts were filled with paint and took quite a while to file it out. My rear dropouts were misaligned which meant my wheel was misaligned a lot. Had to file in more depth to right dropout. Took away about 2 mm which moved the rim by 10mm. Now wheel is dead center. The internal routing isn't good. There are two tubes in head tube area that guide the cables from top to bottom. One of these tubes had so much friction in it that my front derailleur was unusable. Fixed by using cable housing to route cable through the frame. Classical down tube cable routing would be preferable compared to questionable aero gains from top tube route.Conclusion: It is a tough, fast rim brake road bike. But the build was challenging. Finish could be better. I believe the frame is great value and I do recommend it.
2022-04-09 01:16:36
I’m satisfied with my purchase, item came in good condition paint was awesome
2021-12-31 14:43:43

By Marcus B?rjesson

Package arrived in mint condition. The frame finish is superb, not a dent, not a scratch. By the looks quality seems very good. Nice work Trifox, I will order more stuff from this shop. Recommended!
2021-10-15 01:39:00