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Reward Points

To encourage cyclists to enjoy cycling, we bring the reward program with much efforts.
Reward points are easy to Get! You can apply points for discount! You can also use the points with COUPON together!

How to Get Bonus Points for Discount?

  • 1. Sign Up ----Every new registration =100 points
    If you are a new customer and complete registration on TrifoxBike, you will directly get 100 points!
    If you already got an account and haven’t get it yet, please contact us to activate your account registered points!

  • 2. Making Order---- Every $1 spent on groceries equals 1 point
    Example: Order amount $10, you will get 10 points
    Order amount $500, you will get 500 points

  • 3. Share your story with Trifox Bike, including 2 pictures at least on your Facebook homepage or group, you will get 800 points (equals $8 discount).

  • 4. Send us 3 pictures at least to business@trifoxbike.com or add them to Instagram using hashtag #Trifoxbike, you will get 800 points (equals $8 discount).

  • 5. Publish bike-related articles on your website, mention TrifoxBike, and link back to our website, you will get a 3000 points (equals $30 discount). The article needs to have 150 words at least.

  • 6. Leave your real review on our website, you can submit review from product page, and you will get a 300 points (equals $3 discount).

  • Note: All rewards will be added into your account after you publish content, and all published content needs to be reviewed.