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Hi everyone, in this video I will ride with my neighbor, just a quick ride about 30-40km - breakfast ride.
This ride is to test my new carbon saddle from Trifox brand. Trifox sponsored the saddle for me to do a review.
At the end of the video, I will do a review on the carbon saddle. Its been a while doing bike VLOG, let's watch the video.
Okay, quick break before we meet a hilly area, just a short climb.
I'm with Nazrul with his road bike - Gusto RCA3. I had review it, so I put the link above & below video descriptions.
Gusto is a Taiwan brand and it is a value for money bike with a good specs. Okay, let's continue.
Okay now we are at a T-junction. To the left, you can go to Ekamatahari & Seremban. To the right, you can reach SIC & KLIA.
But we are going to U-turn because it started raining a bit. Will have breakfast at the stall near house area.
Actually its a been a while since I ride my bike because I'm focusing on my run training. I had joined KLSCM virtual run.
Planning to do a personal best timing for 10km. Lazy to register for 42km marathon.
Past few weeks, there has been a lot of accident involving cyclist. Safety first, if you don't feel well, skip cycling for that day.
Now for the review after 40km ride. Trifox is a brand from China since year 2008. Thanks Trifox for the sponsorship.
Trifox also gave carbon bottle cage & carbon handlebar extender. Design wise, beautiful shape design with carbon look & feel.
Here the line is silver/grey color. There are other color options - red, green. White color Trifox name in front & fox logo at the back.
Curve inwards at the middle & curve shape at the back as well. Very slim profile design & weight is only 95 gram, very light.
Saddle length is 270mm & wide is 140mm. Saddle fit depends on individual. You have to measure own sit bone & do bike fitting.
With a good cycling pants & correct riding position, the saddle still okay with a bit hard/firm feeling because no soft padding.
So, for short distance below 100km, it is suitable but for long ride over 100km, for me not suitable, not comfortable.
On bumpy ride, you have to lift your butt to avoid any stiff feeling. The surface area is smooth so your sitting position sometimes shift a bit.
Price is USD 39.99 USD 99.99. Trifox website link at below video descriptions.
Here is the Trifox carbon bottle cage. Nice design with white color Trifox name & logo.
Weight is only 22gram for this thin version. The other bottle cage given is a thick version which I will put at my folding bike.
Easy to put the bottle & bottle is steady & stable.
For the carbon handlebar extender, also will install at my folding bike.
Okay guys, that's all for this video. Thank you again Trifox for the sponsorship. Do check out Trifox at below links.
Comment below, what saddle are you guys using now.
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See you in the next video. #enjoythelittlethings
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