Ultra-light road bike

In recent years, the global carbon fiber manufacturing technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, allowing carbon fiber materials to achieve unprecedented strength under different conditions, while greatly reducing their weight. Major manufacturers are launching ultra-light road frames below 700Gone after another. Descending to the 4KG featherweight range; because our ordinary riders do not need to participate in UCI races, and are not subject to the 6.8KG weight limit of UCI races (currently in China, even national championships are not UCI races… ), lighter road bikes also make it easier for us to ride in various environments such as climbing. Moreover, Carbon Frame Road Bike is very popular in cycling.

Trifox bike X8

Comprehensive road bike

Comprehensive road bicycles, as the name suggests, have more comprehensive performance, and are suitable for road bicycles on all roads; each brand also has different opinions, and the “components” added to road bicycles are different.

Endurance road bike

This type of road bike has many different names, such as endurance road bike, long-distance road bike, comfortable road bike, etc. Its features are a high head tube, low stretch, long wheelbase, etc. The comfortable geometry and frame design allow the rider to get a stretched riding posture, and it is also the most suitable road bike branch for the majority of enthusiasts.


Cyclo-Cross is the ancestor of all bicycle cross-country sports with a history of hundreds of years (the first recorded event even went to 1902); the road cross-country bicycle race commonly known as CX is a popular sport in Europe and America.

Trifox bike X16

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