Selecting and installing a rise MTB handlebar can drastically improve your mountain biking experience, offering better control, comfort, and performance.

Selecting the Right Rise MTB Handlebar

1. Understanding Rise

The "rise" of the handlebar refers to how high the grips sit above the handlebar clamp area. Rise is measured in millimeters and typically ranges from 10mm to 50mm. A higher rise can provide a more upright and comfortable riding position, while a lower rise can offer better aerodynamics and control on steep descents.

2. Width Considerations

Handlebar width impacts control and stability. Wider bars (750mm-800mm) offer better leverage and stability, ideal for technical terrains. Narrower bars (650mm-700mm) are suitable for tighter trails and cross-country riding.

3. Material and Durability

Handlebars come in aluminum or carbon fiber. Aluminum bars are durable and affordable, while carbon fiber bars are lighter and can absorb more vibrations, enhancing comfort.

4. Backsweep and Upsweep

Backsweep (angle towards the rider) and upsweep (angle upwards) are crucial for ergonomics. Common backsweep ranges from 7° to 9°, while upsweep ranges from 4° to 6°. These angles can reduce strain on your wrists and improve handling.

Installing the Rise MTB Handlebar

1. Gathering Tools

You’ll need an Allen wrench set, torque wrench, and possibly a stem spacer kit. Ensure you have the correct tools for your bike's specifications.

2. Removing the Old Handlebar

Loosen and remove the stem bolts with an Allen wrench.Carefully detach the old handlebar, noting the position of any spacers.

3. Installing the New Handlebar

Position the new handlebar in the stem clamp.Adjust the angle to your preference, ensuring it aligns with the front wheel.

Tighten the stem bolts evenly using a torque wrench to manufacturer-recommended settings to avoid over-tightening.

4. Adjusting Controls

Reattach brake levers, shifters, and grips. Ensure they are positioned comfortably and securely tightened.

5. Test Ride and Fine-Tuning

Take your bike for a test ride to ensure everything feels right. Make minor adjustments as needed to perfect your setup.

rise mtb handlebar


Selecting and installing the right rise MTB handlebar can significantly enhance your riding performance and comfort. Follow these steps to find the optimal bar for your style and ensure it’s installed correctly. Happy riding!