When it comes to cycling, there are many factors to consider, and one of the most important is the type of handlebars you’ll be using. If you’re looking for speed and endurance, drop handlebars could be the perfect choice for you. Not only do they allow for a more aerodynamic ride, but they also provide greater stability and better control over the bike.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the art and science of bike control with drop handlebars and introduce you to the TC20UL handlebar.

Handlebar shape and material:

One of the main benefits of drop handlebars is their aerodynamic shape, which provides a more streamlined riding position. This improved aerodynamics can translate into enhanced speed, endurance, and overall performance. Materials used to manufacture handlebars also play a crucial role in bike control. TC20UL handlebars are made of T800 carbon fiber, which is lightweight and robust enough to withstand the rigors of long-distance cycling. The handlebar is available in four lengths - 380, 400, 420, and 440 mm - making it versatile and suitable for a range of riders.

Design Elements:

The handlebar’s internal cable routing design is one of its standout features. This unique design conceals cables inside the handlebar, giving your bike a cleaner look, and also improves aerodynamics. Additionally, the design of the sink in the middle and upward lift at the ends makes it easier to change riding postures and reduces the strain on your back during long-distance riding. The AERO uplift breaking wind design of the handlebar, a feature that increases the bar's efficiency in breaking wind and reduces the chance of being blown off course in strong winds.

Compatibility with Accessories:

The TC20UL handlebar's design is compatible with various accessories, including stopwatches such as Garmin and Bryton. The handlebar comes with a stopwatch bracket, allowing riders to keep accurate track of riding times. This feature may be crucial to road racers or long-distance touring enthusiasts who want to measure their progress accurately.

What are the benefits to riders?

The benefits of drop handlebars include better control and handling over the bike, making it easier to navigate steep descents and tight corners. Additionally, due to their aerodynamic shape, drop handlebars can reduce wind resistance and increase speed. The comfortable geometry of the TC20UL handlebar's uplift design also allows riders to take a more natural, comfortable grip and minimize fatigue when riding for long hours.

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The TC20UL handlebar is a versatile and high-quality drop handlebar that offers riders improved aerodynamics, greater stability and control of their bikes, and compatibility with various accessories. The internal cable routing design reduces drag and looks clean while significantly improving riding comfort thanks to its sink in the middle and upward lift at the ends.

The uplifting AERO design is well-suited to riders who enjoy the road, gravel, and cyclocross riding. Drop handlebars are a popular choice among experienced riders and have become synonymous with speed and performance. By understanding the benefits of drop handlebars and selecting high-quality options like the TC20UL, you can take your riding to new heights.